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Day 10

Posted: February 29, 2012 in Gym, Nutrition, Recovery
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Good morning folks! It’s day 10 and I’m feeling better already. I’ve less soreness (due to the fact that I’ve been regular and getting a wee bit stronger), less cravings for sweets and I lost a bit of bodyfat. I started off at 23.5% with a goal to get down to 21% but I was down to 20%!

How awesome is that? Ok, it’s not a big achievement but still…I’m not even sure if I’ll attribute it to cardio but I do quite a bit of HIIT.

So AM : my usual muesli in protein shake! I use half scoop otherwise it will be too goopy. Followed by my multi vitamins.

Pre workout snack : trail mix

Today is legs… Think lunges, more lunges and db/kettlebells swings.
Also some core work, but not too much. Sometimes over doing core/abs doesn’t reap results! needs recovery too. Did some pull ups too.

Post workout : pesto chicken with cottage cheese and a salad wrap.

Lunch : fried rice with bean curd. Yes, fried rice! But it’s healthy. It’s not drenched with oil and I used coconut oil.

Snack : yogurt with flax seed and maple syrup

Dinner : left over pancakes, nuts, dried fruit (organic no sugar) and latte. Wasn’t hungry at all so I just had a small nibble. 😦 am too sore!!!!! Plus I’m still full from the heavy afternoon meals! Sheesh!

Late night : protein shake with blueberries!

My back isn’t happy today, so I spent the evening rolling. I usually roll regularly with tennis balls and my foamy but I am just sore. Need to release it before it spasms up even more and manifests into something called, back trauma. I hope I will be fine when I wake up tmr. Am leaving for the Maldives in 2 days and the last thing I need is a back spasm!!!

Don’t give up! I know it’s hard but it will be worth it! Diet’s been fairly good. I won’t say it’s the best fat shredding diet on the planet but I’m realistic. I don’t want to live a life eating non-fat, non-sinful or non-carby foods, so my goal is to eliminate sugar as much as i can and to consume the ‘good’ stuff. Foods that I’ll eat for life and not just for this period of time. That’s what a diet is all about. It’s not supposed to be miserable… And that’s why most diets fail because people crash at some point.

So just eat well, train well, sleep well and recovery well! If it hurts, smile and move on. Pain is only temporary.

not to mention, I baked these rose and red velvet macarons 😉



Day 9

Posted: February 28, 2012 in Gym, Nutrition
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So today is day 9. I am sore. My triceps are screaming from yesterday.

Today I have training with bogey! Supposed to do my HIIT but I’m skipping it as my PT sessions are pretty intensive and I don’t want to over work myself. I will also be taking my fat percentage. Hopefully it didn’t go up! I’m hoping maybe 1% would have came off by now. It’s always harder to lose fat ESP when you’re in the 18-20% range. It’s like a plateau thinggie. The last time I was at 14%, I swear, I had a hard time! And I was only 24 back then. Now I am 28. And my back is restricting the exercises and the work load i can do.

Anyhow, woke up at 10am again!

AM : muesli with protein shake

Snack : trail mix and banana

Lunch : pancakes with yogurt and maple syrup! Love it!!!

Workout time!!!

Did alot of legs and presses!
Also did roman ring flips and pistol squats! Did a bit of club bell work too…


Post workout : chicken and mix veg stir fry. Skipped the protein shake.

Late night snack : protein shake with milk

Day 8

Posted: February 27, 2012 in Gym, Nutrition
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Good morning. As you know I write this post throughout the day as I have my breakfast-dinner and I update it every now and then before publishing. It’s easy! iPhone rocks my socks!

So I am feeling good…

AM : muesli with milk and whey. Literally add the muesli INtO my whey shake!

Workout :
Quad hops 20 x 3 rounds to warm up
Push ups with feet raised
DB chest press (single arm)
Lateral raises
Standing DB row and Triceps kick backs
Triceps using bench
ABs routine

Was a short and good workout. I don’t hate long workouts but I prefer to focus on technique and be able to perform when I am still pumped rather than going through a 1 hour workout and feeling totally drained, leading to bad technique and strains.

Post workout Aka lunch: generous portion of pumpkin pancakes with yogurt and maple syrup. Feels like brunch! Oh I had my oximega greens and my pills…

I feel my body screaming for carbs literally!!! Don’t know why, but I think it’s the intensity that affects my nutritional needs.

Thank god I’ve never been a bad eater to begin with. I love my sugar and sweets but I am a baker so I don’t really have a choice! Taking them out from my diet wasn’t hard. I’m not on a low carb diet so I don’t tend to ‘crash’ like most dieters. I’ve been on Atkins and it was great, but the whole idea of restricting carbs just isn’t for me as I workout too often and need my carbs!

Lunch : A fish fillet and some watercress!

Snack : nutsssss

Tacfit Session

Dinner : chicken an mix veg stir fry

Late night : blueberry protein shake

Btw I do highly encourage people to consume krill oil. There’s many articles out there on why it’s good and you should look it up.

Day 7 free day

Posted: February 26, 2012 in Recovery
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So today is my rest day. Nothing major except for a hike on Bukit Timah Hill. Singapore is kinda small so we make do with whatever interesting spots that’s available !

AM : oats with milk and protein 1 scoop

Snack : banana, nuts and a tall Latte

Lunch : turkey breast slices, cottage cheese and pumpkin pancakes

Dinner : beef slices, veg, nuts and dried apples, almond milk

Snack : whey protein, pancakes, cottage cheese

Bed and get ready for Tomorrow!


Day 6

Posted: February 25, 2012 in Gym, Nutrition
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So it’s day 6.

Woke up sore. My god. I don’t even know from what!
TIP #1 for today…
So first thing I do in the morning is to drink a glass of water. I see it as a ‘flush’ and as a hydration method for my spine. Our spines are most dehydrated when we wake up. Therefore I hate to rush out of bed. Particularly feel it stiffer after my surgery. But it’s getting better…I hope! Now that I’m flipping a 100kg tyre, I theres anything wrong with my spine it would have been felt!

I’m still waiting for the day to return back to muay thai or boxing. I know I’m not ready yet. Physiological reasons… Or what my doctor says, “neuro fear.” LMAO! can’t believe such terms existed.

Anyway, so I think my workout for today is 50/10 x 4 rounds

-one hand inverted push ups
-Box jumps
-handstand push ups
-kettle bell one arm rows
-lunge, sandbag lift from right bottom to left up and stand, vice versa

Rest…. Then on with the ….


Ok, I haven’t been able to fit in 6 meals cos I wake up too late! But I definitely have enough calories.
Late AM : pumpkin pancakes. And nuts…Addicted!!!!

Lunch : peanut butter on brown rice toast with yogurt and maple syrup.
I usually prefer not to eat a full lunch and then workout. I have slow digestion and need about 2 hours to completed feel OK. So I loaded up on carbs and fat.

Post workout: Latte + tempeh

Dinner : egg white turkey wheat wrap

Late snack : grapefruit

So this is my end product after 2 days of cranking…
It’s a wedding cake for my friend’s friend and I have yet to put the flowers on… But thank god it’s almost done!


Day 5

Posted: February 24, 2012 in Gym, Nutrition
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Ok, day 5 and feeling bloody. I hate it!
Not a fan for being a woman but oh we’ll, at least I don’t have to deal with having a ding ding and 2 nuts hanging loose.

So, today is all about biceps and back…oh and abs. Double B day!
I am not a fan of abs though I generally go through ab workouts easily. I think diet plays a key role in giving a person abs. Well, not GIViNG but u get it…

Here goes…
AM : no breakfast due to the bloat. But i Chowed down a couple of pumpkin pancakes just for energy and didnt want my metabolism to slump. Can’t beat it! I hate periods.

Workout: pull downs, pull ups, lunge back curls, rows, abs, wall stand push ups and it’s only 45 mins hardcore!

Post workout : protein shake + cocoa + Sunrider NuPlus drink and nuts

Lunch : roast beef, spicy avocado, fat free cheese and salad greens sandwich.

Snack : yummy!!!>;;>;; yogurt + coconut oil and maple syrup with some nuts and dried crispy apples (organic, no sugar or preservatives)

Dinner : hard boiled eggs + quinoa + peppers + salad greens. Spiced up with chili

Snack : skim milk + protein half scoop and blueberries

Tomorrow, it will be either AMRAP or AFAP WOD. I might go to The Pit instead of the gym that’s 5 min away from my house. Or i might just use the gym at home… Only problem is my bf leaves his weights everywhere and i might die while walking around in the room, LoL! It depends on the soreness. If I am sore, it will be recovery then Sunday, I will work it.

It’s almost a week! I can already see abit of changes in my body (used to have a semi flat tummy but now theres a little bit of ab formation) and strength. My ring cradles are getting better and I need to practice my vertical pose WITHOUT falling back and doing a flip!

Day 4

Posted: February 23, 2012 in Gym, Nutrition
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So, I think I need to get a tan. It’s been raining everyday and I’m turning into a vampire soon with all the dark clouds and weird weather.

So day 4. Sore like hell in my butt due to the tyre flips I did 2 days ago. But it ain’t bad at all. Considering my 9 month lay off from heavy stuff.

So today is kinda like the ‘free day’, meaning no weights.

I’m going to do a circuit workout and I’m going to be a little insane on this…

But let’s talk about my food.

AM : warm oatmeal + skim milk with cinnamon and whey isolate shake (no carbs)

Speaking of whey, I know many people want the best tasting whey, but the last thing I want going INTO my already ‘unhealthy’ body is artificial sweeteners. I’ve nothing against them and I know alot of reputable brands are selling well bcos of their funky flavors and etc, but sorry… I only stick to one brand and that is Prograde or Athlean. I think health is important…in the LONG run. Those artificial crap is going to take a toll on our bodies sooner or later…and trust me, it’s better to go natural.

AM HIIT sprints run/walk 100m x10 rounds

->;;>;; omega greens + amino chews

Snack : 3 palm sized pumpkin pancakes (pumpkin again) LOL!

Lunch : sardines❤, quinoa, HOT salsa and salad greens

Snack : my trail mix (I created one using almonds, walnuts, organic dried apple chips, cranberries. Would love Brazil nuts but they were sold out!)

Workout >;;;>;;;>;;;>;;;>;;;>;;;>;;;>;;;>;;;>;;;
So here I am… Killing myself with this circuit. I would rate myself as above average though and I want to perform it at 80-90% intensity by planning and choosing the right routine.

And after 1 hour….


Dinner : protein shake + beef patty + stir fried veg

Last meal : 3 pumpkin pancakes!!! 😉