Day 2

Posted: February 21, 2012 in Gym, Nutrition
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Well, day 2 is looking good. I feel TIgHT! Well, I do! When I woke up this morning, my legs and abs definitely felt worked out! It’s amazing how little changes in my workout routine can improve my overall fitness and appearance.

So, I am starting to down alot more H2O. I think it’s one thing that I don’t drink alot on a daily basis. Now it’s incorporated into my diet! At last! Geez, wasn’t hard to begin with!

So here’s my diet for today:
Woke up too late so I might miss a meal today.

AM: yogurt+skim milk+ frozen blueberries+whey shake

Lunch: 2 hard boiled eggs on brown rice toast with fat free cheese and spinach leaves (I used olive oil infused with lemon and herb dressing with some crackle of salt)


Snack: peanut butter + brown rice toast

Post workout: protein shake

Dinner: Chicken + veg + quinoa (very underused grain that’s full of amino)

Snack: yogurt with frozen berries


Being a pastry chef is hard! I have to say “sorry, no thanks!” to my lovely pastries… Especially my favorite burnt salted caramel cupcake with a macaron shell.


And remember… If I want triceps, the biceps has to stop. Biceps are only for aesthetic purposes, no…I am serious… To be stronger, triceps are king.

Workout today:

A real challenge as always as I have my faithful trainer at The Pit to kick my ass once a week….




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