Day 4

Posted: February 23, 2012 in Gym, Nutrition
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So, I think I need to get a tan. It’s been raining everyday and I’m turning into a vampire soon with all the dark clouds and weird weather.

So day 4. Sore like hell in my butt due to the tyre flips I did 2 days ago. But it ain’t bad at all. Considering my 9 month lay off from heavy stuff.

So today is kinda like the ‘free day’, meaning no weights.

I’m going to do a circuit workout and I’m going to be a little insane on this…

But let’s talk about my food.

AM : warm oatmeal + skim milk with cinnamon and whey isolate shake (no carbs)

Speaking of whey, I know many people want the best tasting whey, but the last thing I want going INTO my already ‘unhealthy’ body is artificial sweeteners. I’ve nothing against them and I know alot of reputable brands are selling well bcos of their funky flavors and etc, but sorry… I only stick to one brand and that is Prograde or Athlean. I think health is important…in the LONG run. Those artificial crap is going to take a toll on our bodies sooner or later…and trust me, it’s better to go natural.

AM HIIT sprints run/walk 100m x10 rounds

->;;>;; omega greens + amino chews

Snack : 3 palm sized pumpkin pancakes (pumpkin again) LOL!

Lunch : sardines❤, quinoa, HOT salsa and salad greens

Snack : my trail mix (I created one using almonds, walnuts, organic dried apple chips, cranberries. Would love Brazil nuts but they were sold out!)

Workout >;;;>;;;>;;;>;;;>;;;>;;;>;;;>;;;>;;;>;;;
So here I am… Killing myself with this circuit. I would rate myself as above average though and I want to perform it at 80-90% intensity by planning and choosing the right routine.

And after 1 hour….


Dinner : protein shake + beef patty + stir fried veg

Last meal : 3 pumpkin pancakes!!! 😉





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