Day 5

Posted: February 24, 2012 in Gym, Nutrition
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Ok, day 5 and feeling bloody. I hate it!
Not a fan for being a woman but oh we’ll, at least I don’t have to deal with having a ding ding and 2 nuts hanging loose.

So, today is all about biceps and back…oh and abs. Double B day!
I am not a fan of abs though I generally go through ab workouts easily. I think diet plays a key role in giving a person abs. Well, not GIViNG but u get it…

Here goes…
AM : no breakfast due to the bloat. But i Chowed down a couple of pumpkin pancakes just for energy and didnt want my metabolism to slump. Can’t beat it! I hate periods.

Workout: pull downs, pull ups, lunge back curls, rows, abs, wall stand push ups and it’s only 45 mins hardcore!

Post workout : protein shake + cocoa + Sunrider NuPlus drink and nuts

Lunch : roast beef, spicy avocado, fat free cheese and salad greens sandwich.

Snack : yummy!!!>;;>;; yogurt + coconut oil and maple syrup with some nuts and dried crispy apples (organic, no sugar or preservatives)

Dinner : hard boiled eggs + quinoa + peppers + salad greens. Spiced up with chili

Snack : skim milk + protein half scoop and blueberries

Tomorrow, it will be either AMRAP or AFAP WOD. I might go to The Pit instead of the gym that’s 5 min away from my house. Or i might just use the gym at home… Only problem is my bf leaves his weights everywhere and i might die while walking around in the room, LoL! It depends on the soreness. If I am sore, it will be recovery then Sunday, I will work it.

It’s almost a week! I can already see abit of changes in my body (used to have a semi flat tummy but now theres a little bit of ab formation) and strength. My ring cradles are getting better and I need to practice my vertical pose WITHOUT falling back and doing a flip!


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