Day 6

Posted: February 25, 2012 in Gym, Nutrition
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So it’s day 6.

Woke up sore. My god. I don’t even know from what!
TIP #1 for today…
So first thing I do in the morning is to drink a glass of water. I see it as a ‘flush’ and as a hydration method for my spine. Our spines are most dehydrated when we wake up. Therefore I hate to rush out of bed. Particularly feel it stiffer after my surgery. But it’s getting better…I hope! Now that I’m flipping a 100kg tyre, I theres anything wrong with my spine it would have been felt!

I’m still waiting for the day to return back to muay thai or boxing. I know I’m not ready yet. Physiological reasons… Or what my doctor says, “neuro fear.” LMAO! can’t believe such terms existed.

Anyway, so I think my workout for today is 50/10 x 4 rounds

-one hand inverted push ups
-Box jumps
-handstand push ups
-kettle bell one arm rows
-lunge, sandbag lift from right bottom to left up and stand, vice versa

Rest…. Then on with the ….


Ok, I haven’t been able to fit in 6 meals cos I wake up too late! But I definitely have enough calories.
Late AM : pumpkin pancakes. And nuts…Addicted!!!!

Lunch : peanut butter on brown rice toast with yogurt and maple syrup.
I usually prefer not to eat a full lunch and then workout. I have slow digestion and need about 2 hours to completed feel OK. So I loaded up on carbs and fat.

Post workout: Latte + tempeh

Dinner : egg white turkey wheat wrap

Late snack : grapefruit

So this is my end product after 2 days of cranking…
It’s a wedding cake for my friend’s friend and I have yet to put the flowers on… But thank god it’s almost done!



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