Day 9

Posted: February 28, 2012 in Gym, Nutrition
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So today is day 9. I am sore. My triceps are screaming from yesterday.

Today I have training with bogey! Supposed to do my HIIT but I’m skipping it as my PT sessions are pretty intensive and I don’t want to over work myself. I will also be taking my fat percentage. Hopefully it didn’t go up! I’m hoping maybe 1% would have came off by now. It’s always harder to lose fat ESP when you’re in the 18-20% range. It’s like a plateau thinggie. The last time I was at 14%, I swear, I had a hard time! And I was only 24 back then. Now I am 28. And my back is restricting the exercises and the work load i can do.

Anyhow, woke up at 10am again!

AM : muesli with protein shake

Snack : trail mix and banana

Lunch : pancakes with yogurt and maple syrup! Love it!!!

Workout time!!!

Did alot of legs and presses!
Also did roman ring flips and pistol squats! Did a bit of club bell work too…


Post workout : chicken and mix veg stir fry. Skipped the protein shake.

Late night snack : protein shake with milk


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