Day 10

Posted: February 29, 2012 in Gym, Nutrition, Recovery
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Good morning folks! It’s day 10 and I’m feeling better already. I’ve less soreness (due to the fact that I’ve been regular and getting a wee bit stronger), less cravings for sweets and I lost a bit of bodyfat. I started off at 23.5% with a goal to get down to 21% but I was down to 20%!

How awesome is that? Ok, it’s not a big achievement but still…I’m not even sure if I’ll attribute it to cardio but I do quite a bit of HIIT.

So AM : my usual muesli in protein shake! I use half scoop otherwise it will be too goopy. Followed by my multi vitamins.

Pre workout snack : trail mix

Today is legs… Think lunges, more lunges and db/kettlebells swings.
Also some core work, but not too much. Sometimes over doing core/abs doesn’t reap results! needs recovery too. Did some pull ups too.

Post workout : pesto chicken with cottage cheese and a salad wrap.

Lunch : fried rice with bean curd. Yes, fried rice! But it’s healthy. It’s not drenched with oil and I used coconut oil.

Snack : yogurt with flax seed and maple syrup

Dinner : left over pancakes, nuts, dried fruit (organic no sugar) and latte. Wasn’t hungry at all so I just had a small nibble. 😦 am too sore!!!!! Plus I’m still full from the heavy afternoon meals! Sheesh!

Late night : protein shake with blueberries!

My back isn’t happy today, so I spent the evening rolling. I usually roll regularly with tennis balls and my foamy but I am just sore. Need to release it before it spasms up even more and manifests into something called, back trauma. I hope I will be fine when I wake up tmr. Am leaving for the Maldives in 2 days and the last thing I need is a back spasm!!!

Don’t give up! I know it’s hard but it will be worth it! Diet’s been fairly good. I won’t say it’s the best fat shredding diet on the planet but I’m realistic. I don’t want to live a life eating non-fat, non-sinful or non-carby foods, so my goal is to eliminate sugar as much as i can and to consume the ‘good’ stuff. Foods that I’ll eat for life and not just for this period of time. That’s what a diet is all about. It’s not supposed to be miserable… And that’s why most diets fail because people crash at some point.

So just eat well, train well, sleep well and recovery well! If it hurts, smile and move on. Pain is only temporary.

not to mention, I baked these rose and red velvet macarons 😉


  1. Kelsey says:

    ohmygoodness to macarons…
    Way to go on the fat loss! I love HIIT training and I can’t wait to start it up again. I have the same outlook on my eating as well. It’s a way of life!

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