Day 18

Posted: March 9, 2012 in Gym, Nutrition
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Ok… Woke up with a shitass sore ass!!!
But never give up. Can always train my arms instead! In fact that’s what I’ll do!

AM: muesli with protein shake

Snack : nuts and pancakes

Lunch: wheat wrap with greens, chicken fillet, avocado and fat free cheese


Snack : dried fruit And some of my paleo brownies :)))


Today my workout was awesome. MMA style training using ropes, ropes and ropes! Skipped 4 times in between those. Also did sledge hammers on tyre and 20kg sandbag slams! Kinda like doing a real body slam…only lighter! Did a HIIT hill sprint at the end too! Awesome, but my arms are so bloody sore and my butt is sore from yesterday’s workout! It was lunges galore!

After workout: low fat latte

Dinner : pork patty with steamed veg

Snack before bed : Kashi Go Lean With trail mix!



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