Day 19

Posted: March 9, 2012 in Gym, Nutrition
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Today, I would like to say…I wish I had a white woman’s body!

“Woke up in the morning feelin like P Diddy…”

Never knew what that line meant when Ke$ha sang it but I think I feel like I’ve been bashed up!

Yesterday’s killer workout literally KILLED my arms and Wednesday’s workout KIlLED my butt!

So today is ….
Pull up, rotational chest pulls, rows, biceps and abs!
Yup. I love Fridays more than Wednesdays! I just hope my back doesn’t surrender!

AM : kashi lean mixed with Carmen’s muesli and protein shake.

Dang! I forgot my pills! I should take them right now before working out.

Heading to the gym now. SGD2.50 per entry. Any cheaper I’ll have to go to the beach! FOC. Speaking of which, I might go for my run this evening…nice and slow. Been 2.5 weeks since I did a 45 min jog. I’ve been sprinting too often and I should take a break from it. I always change my routines (for cardio) once a month so I don’t land up on a plateau stage. I think I’m good with my diet! Kinda! Apart from the holiday feast! Still, bad eating for 4 days won’t do harm. I just want to maintain my bodyfat, even if I can’t get down to 18%. It’s not a big deal. I just want to get stronger and do more challenging stuff. it’s kinda like a mind over body thing. I’ll be happy if I can get my 6 pack, but I won’t worry too much about it. Afterall, maintaining a 6 pack is really difficult. And I am not a professional athlete or body builder! I say all women should strive for a bikini body instead! Tight and healthy!

You don’t need a really slim figure to look good! Asian women are generally smaller framed (in fact i am kinda considered larger sized than most of the other women herr, though my boos are too tiny) and I do like a white woman’s physique. It’s just so much stronger and framed! Oh well, can’t change that! But plenty of hot women that I can look at and envy. πŸ™‚

Which reminds me I got engaged on March 3rd 2012 πŸ™‚ it was a very generous Tiffany & Co. ring from my boyfriend of 5 years. So, how can I not smile ? But of course, our lives wouldn’t change. We’ll still grow old rich and relaxed!

okay back to my food!
Post workout : Hydrobuilder shake. Taste eeky but I ran out of my regular whey!

Making pancakes now! Gluten free and healthy!


Always want to enjoy a yummy breakfast!

Lunch : wrap with greens, kidney beans, 2 eggs, avocado

Snack : yogurt + maple syrup and pancakes!

Run run run! Did 45 min run followed by 8, 1 arm push ups x 2 sets and pull ups, about 5 x 3.

Post workout dinner : quinoa + egg + salmon + greens and salsa!

AND I sneaked in a cafe latte from Starbucks where I met Franco there coincidentally. Wonders of Facebook check-ins!

Got home and forked into my paleo brownie πŸ™‚

Life’s good! But I’m sore! Tmr is my recovery! Looking forward!

Off to pick my bf up from the airport! He’s back from Jakarta.


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