Posted: March 12, 2012 in Fit Test, Gym, Nutrition
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Yes! I made it to week 4! F O U R!
I know everyone has their ups and downs but don’t give up! It’s always a challenge to eat right and even more challenging to stick to your workouts when you’re busy! But think about all the positive results! The strength you build up, the fat you lost and the clothes that look better on you! You can do it girls and boys!

This week is all about challenges and extremely high intensity workouts that involves rep challenges and etc.

Today I did 100 reps pull ups, 100 reps push ups (I did jump ups after a while), 100 bodyweight squats and 100 full sit ups.

Total time was 17 minutes. I was DEAD.

Ended it with abs.

So I skipped breakfast as I was late but I took my ore workout booster and my post workout shake.

Got home to lunch and I had pancakes with yogurt and maple syrup. Kinda felt like doing my breakfast for lunch! had a handful of nuts too!

Snack : peanut butter brown rice sandwich and my oximega greens drink.

At the hair salon getting my hair done and treated and I am starving! Regretted not grabbing a protein bar at GNC cos they didnt have the ones I wanted. AND I should have gotten t protein bar at the organic shop. Crap!

I have an hour more to go and I cannot wait to go grab something to put in my mouth and eat! Starbucks is just beside though… Itching for a Latte!

Finally after 2.5 hours!!!

Dinner : roast chicken breast with mustard, stir fried leafy greens (Asian kale) and some starchy and fiber loaded veg like mushrooms, corn and beans. And my Omega 3s!

Once again, I’d like to share the goodness of ProGrade products

It’s pure and I swear by it. Krill oil is excellent and way better than ordinary fish oils. Plus, their protein shakes: No artificial sweeteners! Hurray!

Before bedtime I’m chugging down a protein shake with casein. Yes, finally I have my recovery shake delivered!

I’m a happy girl now.


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