Day 23

Posted: March 13, 2012 in Gym, Nutrition
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Morning people! Woke up really early today and managed to have my breakfast at 8am! Yes! I made it!

AM: had protein shake with muesli and a bit of Kashi’s Go Lean for the extra crunch! I had it with almond milk. Kinda want to ‘save’ the milk for later in the day!

Preparing my meals now and I have a maple-nut butter sandwich which I love! Excellent choice for snacking on. Like I said, calories, fat, carbs…not my concern. As long as they are from good sources. I’ve got this organic bread and it’s meant for diabetics. Meaning no sugar and it has all the good stuff! From Alvarado St. Bakery. They should have it in the frozen foods section. 🙂

The key to controlling my sweet tooth is by adding a little bit of sweet elements in my snacks, be it a paleo brownie or a sandwich with maple syrup. It just takes away the urge! Applesauce is great too! Goes well with my gluten free pancakes I must say! I do try to balance out my carbs and proteins and make sure that protein is present in each meal. Cottage cheese is awesome, though I’m not eating the fat free ones! Too much fat free stuff scares me.


Time to squeeze a morning workout in and today is a 300 rep challenge and some core. Might leave the core work before TACFIT this evening. WOD!!!! FTW!!!


PM : Asian dishes that my mum cooked! Fish pan fried with salt, some pork with preserved veg and some long beans with rice

Snack : maple-peanut butter sandwich and yogurt

Pre workout : trail mix

TACFIT today was hard! But trying to get the groove on before Scott Sonnon comes to Singapore. We did the ring flips, 20kg sandbag squats, wall balls, ape walk. 4 minutes each station with 1 minute rest in between. Oh… My… God.

4 minutes of workout non stop is really no joke!!! Doing flips and squats non stop was a killer! So was the ape walk! The wall ball throws we’re manageable. I think my upper body is definitely stronger than my lower body

Post workout : protein and meal shake

Dinner : mustard chicken fillet with stri fried broccoli, carrots, peas, corn and shrooms.

I’m beat! Back hurts.
Rest tmr! Meeting up with Tricia and probably hitting the beach for a tan if weather permits 😉


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