Day 24

Posted: March 14, 2012 in Nutrition, Recovery
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Today, I am sore. LIKE HELL bashed me up. Too sore! I don’t think I can hit the gym (thank god it’s core and conditioning week) or I won’t be able to survive PT on Thursday.

This morning I had a Prograde Lean meal replacement shake. I love it. Keeps me full and ready to get going!

Am making my lunch right now … Egg whites with peppers, mushrooms and greens and kidney beans wrap with a slice of fat free cheese.


Now headed out for a movie and day out with my buddy Tricia!

Brought along nuts and a whey crisp bar which I bought from GNC. Just in case I get hungry! I am getting hungry very often these days and I think it’s because my body is accustomed to the frequent meals and snacking, thus metabolism is fired up! I ain’t gaining inches or fat (I hope not) so it’s a good thing I suppose.

—after the movie—

So overall I had a bottle of water, half a bar of whey crisp, nuts and sweet potatoes baked specially for me from Tricia! Thanks!
After which we headed for dinner at TCC. I had a chicken breast and a skinny iced latte! Very nice!

Full and satisfied, arms and back less achey, I came home and had my last bit of paleo brownie!

I need a recovery shake tonight before bed and I am done! 😀

Tomorrow is arms and squats at The Pit with Andyn! Awesome shit. Wish me luck and I hope I don’t get sore!


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