Day 25

Posted: March 15, 2012 in Fit Test, Gym, Nutrition
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So today was HIIT. Was sore but I decided to warm up and all will be OK.

AM: muesli with protein shake

Snack : peanut butter sandwich!

Pre workout booster and off to the gym!
Brought along my egg white+peppers+kidney bean+turkey bacon wrap!

I did 50/10 x 9 stations, 2 sets MMA style!!!
Cable one knee standing up crunch
Left and right
Alt. one legged push ups
DB crunch punch
Cyclone squats
-extra 60 second rest before pull ups-
Pull ups (oh geez I died doing this one!)
Plank march
Plank knee to elbow

Then I did some abs! Was a 1 hour session including stretching.

Had my lunch and zoomed home…

Snack : nuts, yogurt with maple syrup and whey crisp bar and a bit of sweet potato

Dinner : kinda skipped it cos I was snacking on my paleo brownie (made a new batch) and had my green drink and I was FULL to the max!!!

Will definitely have my recovery drink tonight. I am so sore! But feels good!

So…I have something here which is the power foods chart. I try to have these everyday 🙂 Go figure!



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