Day 26

Posted: March 16, 2012 in Recovery, Relaxation

Ok, so today, I swear I am going to take a break! So sleepy! Woke up at 430am for no apparent reason and have been up since. My eyes!!!

AM : egg omelette with shrooms and kidney beans + fat free cheese. Kashi Cereal and a glass of milk.

Full and very happy! Laying in bed and hoping to get 1 hour of sleep!!!

—-1 hour later

Woke up and off for an hour swim! Gobbled down some nuts and packed a peanut butter sandwich.

Got home…
PM : chicken breast with stir fried veg and coffee with cocos powder (coconut with MCT)

Snack : edamame! Ok my meals are abit screwed cos I am not hungry but yet snackish…and also a hard boil egg

Ok, I feel like a run but I’m kinda lazy!

Dinner will be chicken breast with sweet potato dip, kidney beans and veg. Awesome.

Now I hope I recover by tmr! Soreness took over me for 2 days


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