Day 27-28

Posted: March 18, 2012 in baking, Recovery, Relaxation
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Yes, the past 2 days have been easy going.
I did a quick 550 rep workout on Saturday and BOY it was tough! But, constipated as hell! Not sure why…must be PMS! Usually happens!

So I baked 2 cakes this weekend, and tada!!!



Ok, makes me happy to look at a giant cupcake with a sweet rainbow interior!
Photo courtesy of Tisha.


And I’m back! Went for a short hill jog and run! Did some stair climbing and one arm raised push ups! Holycrap it rained while I was running! Sheesh! So here I am… My mid section is a little bit bulkier now. Not by alot but not bad for a start. An not bad for the fact that my diet isn’t the most strict! Just need to up the cardio a little bit more…

Just not sure if I should go slow or do HIIT cardio. Injuries are the main factor that affects my choices.



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