Day 33

Posted: March 23, 2012 in Gym, Nutrition
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Yes! I woke up this AM and did a short 10-15min workout. Was just bodyweight stuff and was waiting for my shower to warm up. Ok, I was sore from last night and it didn’t set in until breakfast!
So this AM I started with my diet tweaking.
Post workout:
Steel cut oats (about 1 cup cooked)
3 tbsp of fat free yogurt
Almond milk + whey
1 egg white

Too full. Don’t know how guys can eat 6 egg whites in the AM and have 1 big bowl of oats and have like a shake plus some other what nots! Omg. Stuffed!

On to snack, 1 can tuna (onion tomato) and cottage cheese. All added up to about 1 full cup. Am gonna be full for a while!!!

Workout time!!! Took X-cite before workout and a post workout shake
Did upper body :
DB one arm rows-16kg
Reverse lunge curls -6kg
Underhand Lat pull downs – 80lbs
Pull ups – 5 x 3
Ground to squat jump ups – 20 nos
Bicep curls – 15kg

Abs!!!! Weighted this time.
As time goes by, I do want to add weights to my ab workouts. Long ago y bodybuilder friend told me its what makes a difference in building those abs. And I truly believe it. They popped out many years ago. Not just the typical flat ones.

After my post workout I had a MRP shake as I was rushing to send a friend off. But came home and got my dinner and veg all sorted out. Actually for the next few days!

Kudos for those who plan ahead…including me.


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