Overtraining and too much Cardio?

Posted: March 27, 2012 in Gym, Nutrition
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Actually maybe I should stop counting the days. Lol! Day 37, but really, I don’t are about the god damn days!

Yes, although my goal in 90 days is to get down to 17% bodyfat but you know, as long as I get there, I don’t care how many days it’s going to take me.

So here’s the thing…

Often people view losing weight, shedding fat, getting in shape as cardio, cardio and more cardio. But, bear in mind… Running an hour a day is probably going to make you look like a typical marathoner: skinny fat VS looking a sprinter who does HIIT sprints, circuits and training with weights. I guess it depends. Most women (in general) don’t mind the skinny fat look as it’s slimming right? Wear skin tight dresses and get to show off their skinny arms… And of course, I on the other hand prefer the more athletic look. The muscular definitions on the arms and legs kinda thing. So, choice of training affects the overall built. Over doing cardio will ruin my gains, but not doing enough will not get the fat off and I won’t be able to lose fat. I’ll just be piling on mass.

So, my solution is:
-HIIT on 3 off days (20 mins)
-or HIIT on every un-sore day (10 mins)
-3 sessions of LSD cardio (40 mins jog or equivalent)
-Weight trainings 3 days a week, separated into upper body chest, legs and arms + back.

My advice is, don’t train every part of your body in one session and them whack the gym again working out the part that you’ve worked. Think about it… Instead of doing 2 exercises each for the entire body and feeling totally drained and exhausted, why not do 4 exercises for your upper body on Monday, 4 exercises for your legs on Wednesday and 4 exercises for your back and arms on Friday…or whichever schedule works. This way, I can choose to work on HIIT on my day off without feeling wiped out. Plus, I didn’t train my legs on Friday, which means I can actually do my jog on my active rest day (Saturday) and feel good about it.

Muscles need to recover to grow. And if you for rest them, all those pumping at the gym would eventually go to waste. And I am not kidding!

Look at those people who go for the hour long butt busting kick boxing classes. Have any of them lost weight? Have a 6 pack? Have muscular forms? 4 out of 5 I can tell you have not changed physically, and even if they did, it was only for the first then they hit a stall. But they think they still burn calories so it’s fine! Well, it’s not. What’s the point if you stay the same? Are you even happy having a bodyfat % of 25-30%? I wouldn’t. I think women, if not for aesthetic reasons, should try to get to a 21% at least. It’s better for health. Men should be around 14-16%…in general. You don’t have to be super lean cos it’s hard to maintain over time and even I want to have my ice cream as snacks every now and then.

Instead of viewing it as a ‘weight loss’ to look good…always see it as a ‘road to living longer’.

My next post will be about low fat foods, proteins and carbs. Too much confusion out there about some people not being able to do well with carbs or having the need to be on low fat diets to lose weight etc…

All I can say it’s all BS šŸ™‚ so be happy that you can have carbs and still lose weight.

And remember: A spoonful of cinnamon a day can help stabilize blood sugar levels and destroy cancer cells. Add them into your coffee latte, oatmeal, yogurt, pancake or to a simple blueberry whey shake!


  1. I love cinnamon in my greek yogurt!

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