Workout routine

Posted: March 30, 2012 in Fit Test, Gym, Nutrition
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Want a workout that will leave you like this? Yes… That’s me after god knows how many minutes.


Here goes :
30 reps each and don’t even think about cheating. One leg, one count. Not left and right = 2.
Rest if you need to but not more than 30 seconds.

30 bicycle abs
30 lunge back and forward kick up (right leg)
30 lunge back and forward kick up (left leg)
30 1 legged burpees (right leg)
30 1 legged burpees (left leg)
30 jumping pulls ups (or if you want, challenge yourself to inverted rows or normal pulls ups, but you might die)
30 jump squats (touch the floor and star jump up)
15 side plank lifts (right)
15 side plank lifts (left)

*If you have back problems and can’t do lifts, feel free to do 15 hanging knee raises instead, followed by 15 mountain climbers.

I always believe in starting and ending with an ab workout. Somehow by starting with an ab workout, your body tends to naturally keep it tight for all the other exercises cos it’s ‘woken’ up.

Try it!

Don’t forget to have equal portions of starch, carbs and protein for lunch and dinner 🙂

I can say my diet consists of 40/40/20 ratios of protein, carbs and fat. eat right, feel right and don’t worry about the carbs! Good carbs can benefit one and make sure they are in forms of steel cut oats, sweet potatoes, yam, veg, occasional skim milk, yogurt etc.


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