10 min AMRAP

Posted: April 3, 2012 in Fit Test, Gym
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Yes, had my training today and it was awesome. I don’t need a gym with fancy machines. Throw me a rope and a barbell…done! I believe in going animal.

I did 4 sets of:
3 x rope climb up and down
6 x Barbell presses
9 x hanging toe touches (toes to bar)

Then I did some wall handstand walk in and out (hopefully to progress to proper handstands without support)
Also practiced cleans. But… Before all that hardwork, I did AMRAP circuit… And I challenge you all to try it too.

So today I have a WOD for anyone who is reading this… The 10 minute AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible)
What you need : medicine ball

10 medicine ball slams -use both hands to lift the ball overhead and slam it on the floor so it bounces back up so u can grab it. Bounce it lightly and u have to bend down to pick up!

10 full burpees – do burpees, but go all the way down till chest touches the ground

Repeat those 2 exercises and finish as many rounds as possible. I did 11 rounds (and extra 10 ball slams. Unfortunately didn’t manage to finish 12)

Try it. It’s a good metcon workout. 🙂

Having my cottage cheese snack with Peanut butter and it’s awesome! It’s protein and fat all the way. No starchy carbs cos I’m done with my workouts!



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