WOD after rest

Posted: April 9, 2012 in Gym
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My idea of abs…


Yeah. Say hi to obliques.
My diet has been good so far. I had a mini ‘splurge’ day where I had my cravings settled…popcorn. Yes, OMG you may think but that’s exactly what I wanted in my mouth. Salty, slightly buttery and crunchy. So Saturday and Sunday nights were my popcorn nights! I also had a little bit more fat in my diet. Think peanut butter and avocados!

I won’t say I went overboard but I definitely had more than 5 spoonfuls of peanut butter at one go! Oh well, I worked hard for it.

I did a 10 min WOD on Saturday, hill run on Sunday and how can I forget Friday…Pilates! Yeah! A simple core workout that made me realize how important it is to have a strong core. I was one of the stronger student there so I had to adjust the weight on the reformer accordingly to suit my level. It was decent and fun! Felt my abs harden up the whole day. Then again, as we all know and very much like to deny this fact: Abs are made IN the kitchen. Not from 100 crunches or 200 knee lifts. Yeap, let’s face it. Running 30miles ain’t gonna give you abs. In fact, I reduced my cardio significantly and my bodyfat dipped a little. I think I was burning muscle when I do cardio, especially long distance running. Would be totally counter productive if I were to pump hard at the gym and ruin it by running 3-4 times a week. I can’t do walks for an hour to burn fat and not muscle, so it’s OUT! I rather do my 3 times a week 10-15 min HIIT and keep it short, real and sweet. In fact I do it as a warm up prior to lifting. Not long enough to burn me out but just enough to warm up my body.

Did a metabolic overdrive WOD today that includes :-
DB curls and press
One arm push ups on small stool
DB swings
Wood choppers
DB Pitcher side lunges

Started AND Finished with some decent ab work. Yes, I love working my abs before workouts too. Just reminds me to keep it tight and your abs would have been half worked and ‘awake’.

I hope everyone had a good weekend and Easter Sunday!

Life is looking good…

And remember, noone has ever drowned in sweat. So don’t stop unless you puke, faint or die!

  1. Love the quote at the end…so true! I will admitt, I am a popcorn addict. It’s so fun mixing the combinations topping wise.

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