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Run and pump

Posted: April 27, 2012 in Fit Test, Gym, Nutrition, Recovery
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Ok, so I did something really insane.

You know I don’t run often. Maybe on average…once or twice a month at MOST. However, all thanks to Mr John, we did an hour, aka 10km jog. Oh em gee… I swear it was mental, especially for someone who doesn’t run often! Sheesh! I was drenched in sweat after an hour! But felt good. My hamstrings hurt the next day…my abs too! Dang! And I had training.

We did heavy stuff for PT today. I did barbell chest presses 40kg and did biceps, shoulders and delts. Painful session. My trainer asked if I actually want to compete in the Miss fitness category. I’m not as confident as he is! Still have too much fat covering my abs! Sadly…but then again, it’s not bodybuilding so it’s not that scary.

Ouch… Need to nurse the DOMS!

Just indulged a little bit tonight 🙂 felt that my workout will do justice to some sinful sugary fattening desserts that I had. 😉

Smile… What’s life without sugar?!

PMS… Few more days before it actually ‘starts’.


Ok, here I am going to start talking about my plateau. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s PMS. I swear some time last month, I had the same ramblings about it and I am trying to psycho myself not to be overly paranoid about how puffy I look and how my mid section is less defined. It’s water retention, honey! Even the ring on my finger feels tight! Oh Lordy! How much water can we women actually retain???

However, having said that, I am pleased to say that my arms look a wee bit defined and popped. Looks good but it’s quite unbalanced cos my mid section is not at all ripped and my thighs are far from lean. Okay, my calves are pretty shapely but we all have the thunder thigh syndrome going on. Hate it! But it’s my body, accept it.

My stamina and endurance have also gone up. Thanks to HIITs. Yes, they can destroy us or make us fitter. The key is NOT to do too much of it. Assuming if I did a 10 min HIIT, I can actually do it 5 days a week. If I do a 20 min HIIT, I’ll do it 2-3 times a week. I am not just talking about sprints btw. Sprints I can only do it once a week. Before I used to do twice but it gets boring! Omg. Running on the track and going round it is NOT my type of workout. The music rocks but the weather is HOT. I’m in Singapore… On the bloody equator!

Anyhow… I recently got obsessed with tumeric powder. I’ve known about their benefits and stuff but finally I’ve decided to add them to my food rather than to take pills. I am already chugging down load of pills:

-CLA (Muscle pharm)
-Multi vitamin with joint complex (Controlled Labs)
-Beta Alanine ( Dr’s Best)
-CoQ enzyme (Dr’s Best)
-Krill Oil ( Prograde)
-Cortisol and estrogen support (Estracort)

So here’s my tumeric chicken-

Chicken breast or thigh
Tumeric powder, generous 2 tablespoons)
Coriander blended into paste 1 tbsp
Spicy chilli flakes
1 tbsp coconut oil

Mix it all up, marinate for an hour and pan fry!

Love it! Goes well with rice or some steamed veg!

Btw I did have my cheat day and I tell u I literally stuffed myself with pizza, cookies, ice cream, risotto, cupcake, brownies, pop corn and chips! I think I chowed down about 5000kcals! But, it’s kinda like a reward thing and to reprogram the leptin levels that are essential for fat loss.

Ok, that’s all for now. I hope this PMS ends soon before the bad-black week of the month. Time to put on my black shorts! And sorry for being crude!


Time to chill out and go for a topless weekend spin…



Aches Breaky Back

Posted: April 20, 2012 in Fit Test, Gym, Recovery
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12 rounds WOD was 1 min 30 seconds of
3 sets of combined actions : dumb bell push up, rows, burpee up and press
5 sets of push ups on kettlebells, jump forward with leg straight and dip

OMG. My trainer said only me and another girl managed to stay one without dropping reps! (but she’s Asia’s top cross fitter…awesome!)

Then I progressed to attempting handstands. Omg I tell you it’s tough!!!! It ain’t just leaning on the wall. You need I tilt your pelvic, squeeze your ass and walking your feet up and down the wall ain’t easy! I did 5 sets, 4 sets, 3 sets, 2 sets and then finally 1 set with rest of 2 minutes in between each set. My shoulders and back were sore like F!!!!

After which I got tortured on the rotator cuffs. It supposedly improves the muscles required for a handstand. So I’ll work on that definitely!

So far so good. I won’t say I am bothered about my physique. I feel better mentally and physically and that’s what matters most. I eat well, sleep well and train hard. Leaning out is a goal but even if I don’t get to where I want to be, I think I am pretty awesome still.



Yes, I died at the gym all thanks to…my awesome buddy, whom I call my bro! Training has to be fun and that’s why I love The Pit. Every session is Challenging, Different and never once do we Stop moving.


Time for a dip in the pool!


Checking in on the arms

Posted: April 15, 2012 in Gym, Recovery
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So… I think my arms in comparison to my body is more built. I have alot to lose on my belly and thighs. Ok, maybe not alot but the leanest looking part of my body has to be my arms. My legs are okay, but I still have the jiggles on my thighs. I don’t have huge thighs but I think I need to work on them. My abs are also covered by fat. I need to get rid of the last 3% of stubborn fat! Omg. But it is really not easy. It’s not just about diet and exercise… Plateaus are not just plateaus…you hit them for a reason. I need to figure out how to go around it and break free from that stinking 19% BF level. Diet wise I don’t wish to modify it too much otherwise in the long run it will be too hard to maintain. As for workouts, I need to step up on the bigger stuff like squats and cleans. I’ve been doing them relatively light partly because of my back. Will be seeing a Chinese TCM to get some muscle tissues fixed and I should be ready to hit the big boys soon.

Hope your workouts have been going great! Love blogs with recipes! Keep posting them! I don’t leave replies cos I’m too busy trying them out! Lol!

I also had a huge feast at Morton’s. I had bread, steak and desserts! (Chocolate cake AND half a carrot cake shared with my bf). SO sinful. Probably 284619294kcals of fat and sugar! Haha! Oh well, just a day of indulgence. I love good food and we all need to satisfy that sweet / salty tooth. No harm done. Besides, being healthy and being able to eat your cake is exactly what life is all about. I can’t imagine a life revolving around oatmeal, sweet potatoes and chicken breast.

So don’t feel guilty when you have a splurge day and feel that you should give up. Don’t stop and don’t sweat the small stuff. Take a step back, relax…but make sure you take 2 steps forward 🙂

I always see Monday as a fresh week to restart after the recharge.



So my bodyfat is down to 18.9%. I haven’t done the calipers but this provides the same result as the calipers.

Not much but still going!
Have a bit more muscle fibers along the side of my body as you can see. I also went for Pilates today and it was quite awesome. 100% core and very friendly instructor.

My trainings this week have been fruitful and very intense. I have yet to take my timing for 100 push ups, 100 inverted rows, 100 bodyweight squats, 100 full sit ups. My target is 10 minutes. We’ll see how it goes. The last time I did it was 15 minutes! Well partly because I did 40 reps x 2 and 20 reps x 1 for each exercise. So now I will do 10 reps for 10 sets all exercises!

Nutrition wise is good. I haven’t been that calculative but trying to watch what I eat and gauge the amount of carbs and protein. I definitely got enough protein but my carbs are always around slightly under par. I know it’s important to get enough carbs to sustain good workouts and fuel myself but I don’t know why I can’t seem to fit them in! So my strategy is to add a peanut butter and JELLY sandwich. I think the jelly helps! Lol! I think I should incorporate fruits as I usually have a cup or leas at night only. I should add some after my workout for my carb surge. Afterall my post workout only contains 10g of carbs I think!

I’m feeling awesome. I was a little bit poofy and it was because of my water retention during my PMS. The next 3 weeks will be fine…until its time again for the bloat! Yes, I bloat quite a bit! But it’s a cycle all women go through. I usually crave for sweets during that time and I always give in to it otherwise I’ll feel miserable. Then again, I try to make it up by pushing myself harder at the gym…or just have longer harder sex! Haha!

Whatever it is, don’t lose hope! Burning fat may take forever (like my case) but you know, 1% fat a month is still progress! In 6 months, I’ll pretty much balance out and come to a stand still. I won’t go too low cos I know being a normal woman it’s VERy Important to have certain levels of fat. I still love my desserts and wine 🙂

Now to get my bf into shape!!! He’s been sprinting with me over the weekends so it’s good! 10 x sprints of 100m is awesome! Keeping fit together is what every couple should do. He knows I’m the bunny so he totally gets pushed as he doesn’t want to run slower than me!

So today, my advice is:
RECOVERY is king.
Workouts are queen.

Recovery well with rest and proper nutrition and push yourself harder next week. Skip the marathons and long runs and do a variation of exercises to boost your metabolism. After all, your body can get immune to running, thus alot of joggers don’t actually burn fat after a period of time and you wonder why the lady that goes to the gym 5 times a week, runs for an hour, sweats like a pig but doesnt change in her physique. Change it up and see what it can do for you. 🙂

Day 34

Posted: March 24, 2012 in Gym, Recovery
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So this is me…
On a Saturday.

Working out at my own home and the new gym which equates to a massive clear out of old equipment and replacing it with some basic stuff. Gym boss timer is my essential.

Word hard and don’t give up!

Day 32

Posted: March 22, 2012 in Gym, Nutrition, Recovery
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My personal best: 60kg squats with trainer assistance just in case I can’t stand up x 3 reps.
I am glad I did it!!! It was F* heavy!!!! I only did it once
About 5 years ago but that was when I was fit as a fiddle! And I had loads of leg power and my back was still functioning.

=>>Prior to that I did 30 reps of 50kg squats, 30 reps each leg of knee to foot jump squats, 50 reps of 20kg squats.

I am getting stronger and I am not sore today. A little tight on my quads but not the typical soreness you get from busting your ass at the gym.

I always believe that if anyone cn look cute or pretty after a workout, it means that they are not working out hard enough! Yes, it was a torture and I enjoyed every bit of my training.
I am going to start altering my diet now that I know how to eat healthily and regularly. I think it’s time to take a step up and increase my protein while slightly reducing my starchy carbs and replacing it with more veg.

So, my challenge for the next 4 weeks (seems like a long time but I am the kind of person who has a hard time shredding fat)
@eat lean protein in every meal- it can be lean meats or cottage cheese or egg whites.
@eat more salad greens to fill up the starchy carbs- yes, instead of a handful, I will take a bowl full.
@Whey whey whey- I’ll try to consume whey 3 times a day (breakfast, post workout, bed time) instead of having as a snack. I will still eat fruit, but I will leave it till after workout.
@carbs- steel cut oats will be the only carb that I will fill myself with in the AM. I will occasionally have cold muesli but I will try to opt for the warm stuff. Chinese people believe that women should eat warm stuff! Some momojojo about the womb and periods etc! Ha! Other carbs such as a wheat wrap or a PB sandwich can be fitted in any other day when I am working out hard (squats!!!!) I think I deserve a treat 😉
@Tea- tea everyday, just for antioxidant purposes.

Leave the carbs for the weekend and have a cheat meal every now and then. I don’t want to go insane having such a strict diet!

Okay, here goes nothing! Have started preparing some foods and stocking up on the meats! Pre cooking them and freezing them is by far the best way to ensure I don’t start to panick when I am hungry. A hungry woman is an angry woman!

Remember, if you want to be it, you have to work hard for it. I don’t care if my abs don’t show, I mean, different bodies develop differently and sad to say, my genetic side….is a fail when it comes to abs! Plus my abs are uneven cos I am short of a rib (TOO obvious even though I know women are short of a rib). I have seen a faint 4 pack before and it looks weird! Lol! Ok, but if I do get to a 4 pack, good enough. I think 17% bodyfat will be my next goal. So hard! But I got all year!

Kudos to those who haven’t given up hope even after 5 or 8 months of training! I totally understand what it’s like to keep going while you go into plateaus and snack-attacks. But keep going. Get motivated and though sometimes you fall off the horse, get back on it. If the horse runs away, get on another horse!

11 months post back surgery. All I can say is, “I never thought I’d get this far.”

And I know I’ll keep going the distance.
Muscle ups are my long term goals but I did practice on it from ground level and learning how to transition from the ground up to the tricep position.
Shit it was tough!!!!