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Day 12

Posted: March 2, 2012 in Uncategorized

Big break to Maldives!
AM : muesli with milk

Plane meal : fish fillet , tuna salad and veg


Day 3

Posted: February 22, 2012 in Gym, Nutrition, Uncategorized
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Woke up late again so here is my lunch for PM : whey + skim milk + yogurt + sunrider’s NuPlus.

– always believe in kicking start the metabolism by having a protein shake in the morning…well, not exactly morning!

Going for my workout now in about an hour or so…greens for the WIN


Workout :

•Squats, semi heavy (I try to avoid doing ok heavy as I am post-surgery for less than a year and the last thing I want to do is to F*** my back up again)
•One sided lunge (really effective on working my limbs all round)
•One leg back and bent over (back slightly arched for support)
•One handed DB swing

•Intensive AB routine… 30 seconds of 6 movements including russian V twists!!! I hate those!!!!!!

• wall stand push ups *getting better*

Amino chews to the rescue…

Feel free to ask me what exercises they are. I’ll be more than willing to share
🙂 I don’t list them out in full cos I’m too lazy!

Post workout : 2 hard boiled eggs and acai banana berry juice drink

Snack : nuts + cranberries + yogurt topped with maple syrup and cinnamon + pinched some of my mum’s slow roasted pork

Dinner : quinoa with hot spice + lean beef patty + hard boiled egg white + some Chinese black fungus stir fry with angle gourd on the side as veg.
Yes, we Asians eat the weirdest shit I know! But whatever! It’s good for me.

Late Snack : skim milk + blueberries


Eventful day. Looking forward to tomorrow’s ZWOW and Sprints!