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So I am starting the isolated pumps. Going to go heavier and bigger. Done with the pre-pumps and now I am going to be a little bit more hardcore and back-to-basics

5 min warm up followed by…
Incline flys
Incline bench press
Bench press
Cable Crossovers
Incline DB curls
BB curls
Hammer curls
Preacher curls

Cardio 125bpm

Yeap, it’s all back to the roots. Classic bodybuilding style is back! Now that my body is prepared for the real deal… I am definitely going to make some gains.

Creatine pre and post workout
Carbs + protein pre and post workout
Proper meals
Proper organization
Sleep more
Dream more
Live better

I’ll also do a once a week run (just for the sake of running) with my buddy! I am NOT a runner so this is really a drag-my-ass-out kinda thing. Lol! Wish me luck!


Day 36

Posted: March 26, 2012 in Gym, Nutrition, Recipe
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So, I don’t understand why men (mostly) love to make loud noises like “yeearghhhh” or “hoooosh” or “grrrrahhhh” when they lift. Like seriously dude. You make it sound like you were squatting 200kg! The fact that you were doing only 30kg (I was doing 40kg) and you made those noises really put the entire crowd OFF. Sorry but, I don’t make noises like you do as I might embarrass myself with my light 40kg squats! Oh em gee!

I did an upper body push today.
Burpee push up pyramid 3 sets of 8-1reps
Wood chopper 3 sets of 10 reps
Db chest press (14kg)
Plate squeeze stance 3 sets of 10 each side
Ab routine
7 min run-walk-run-walk backwards-run-walk.

I didn’t do too much cardio as I don’t want to burn out. It’s bad and the last thing I need is for my cardio to ruin all the gains I made. I might aim for cardio 6 hours later after I’ve re fueled myself 🙂 I don’t think there’s such a thing as doing too much cardio. I think the difference is being able to feel 100% or 50%. Sometimes you know it’s K.O time when your body feels fatigue. Don’t forget I am not in any stims or thermogenic pills and stuff so my energy levels are very honest. I don’t have caffeine and I eat normal. Not low in calories (1500 seems ridiculous cos i usually reach 1500 by my 4th meal) but not too much too. I usually hit 2000 I think! I don’t count but gauging from food, experience and portions. And I eat when I am hungry and snack then my brain tells me to. Eating 3 meals a day does not work for me. I crash big time! I get so hungry by the 3rd hour after lunch my brain literally starts to think about food rather than work! Lol!



Made shroom patties with tuna, shrimp, cheese and peppers !

That’s my dinner. 🙂

Day 29

Posted: March 19, 2012 in Fit Test, Gym, Nutrition
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Good morning. Today, I feel a little bit sore from the run I did yesterday. Kinda weak! Only did less than an hour on the hilly road and my body is waving the white flag.

So today I did the fit test!
50/10 , AMRAP
Squat jumps -30
Push ups -30
Burpees – 20
High knees – 55
Split lunged – 38
Tuck jumps -19
Dips – 19
Straight abs – 22
I was beat! But that was my warm up. Yes, now at week 5, my warm ups are 15 minutes and I told myself to squeeze in some quick bodyweight interval cardio before I do my weights

I did upper body today, 3 sets all
Spiderman crawls
Alt dumb bell chest press
L raises
DB rotational curl and press
Wood choppers

5 mins plus worth of… Guess what?

Feeling awesome.
Diet so far so good. I ate a bit more calories on the weekend cos its kinda like a cheat meal thinggie. Air popped pop corn was the ultimate indulgence! Might have eaten too much but all worth it! I am not feeling like I am gaining fat so I think my diet is pretty much settled and I’ve learned how to space the meals out and to have the right ratios for each meal.

Basically (from highest to lowest amounts present in the meal)

AM : Carbs-protein (oatmeal and protein shake)

Snack : Carbs-fat-protein (peanut butter sandwich)

Lunch : protein-carbs-fat (wheat wrap with meat and greens + nuts)

Snack :
Carbs-fat-protein (training days : peanut butter sandwich or banana and trail mix)
Protein-carbs-fat (non-training days : cottage cheese/yogurt + fruit and nuts)

Dinner : Carbs, protein, fat (divide the plate into 3, one portion protein, one portion leafy greens and one portion starchy carbs. Fat is the oil used to cook the food and from the animal protein)

Snack before bed time : Protein-carbs
Recovery shake with skin milk
Skim milk / cottage cheese and 1 fruit
My Paleo Brownie! Heh! 😉

So there’s my guideline for a good diet.
Of course, don’t expect to lose fat if you don’t attempt to workout. This keeps me in maintenance stage but if I want to lose another 2% of fat, I need to UP the workout. I haven’t been engaging in too much cardio but now at week 5, I am ready to slowly insert cardio 4 times a week or 5 if I can. It can be swimming 20 laps, slow jogging or just 20 mins of HIITs. Hopefully i can do it 6 hours before or after lifting, but if I can’t then it would have to be before my lifts as it will act as a warm up. Cardio doesn’t mean 1 hour! 15-20 mins a day makes a difference 🙂