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Ok, here I am going to start talking about my plateau. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s PMS. I swear some time last month, I had the same ramblings about it and I am trying to psycho myself not to be overly paranoid about how puffy I look and how my mid section is less defined. It’s water retention, honey! Even the ring on my finger feels tight! Oh Lordy! How much water can we women actually retain???

However, having said that, I am pleased to say that my arms look a wee bit defined and popped. Looks good but it’s quite unbalanced cos my mid section is not at all ripped and my thighs are far from lean. Okay, my calves are pretty shapely but we all have the thunder thigh syndrome going on. Hate it! But it’s my body, accept it.

My stamina and endurance have also gone up. Thanks to HIITs. Yes, they can destroy us or make us fitter. The key is NOT to do too much of it. Assuming if I did a 10 min HIIT, I can actually do it 5 days a week. If I do a 20 min HIIT, I’ll do it 2-3 times a week. I am not just talking about sprints btw. Sprints I can only do it once a week. Before I used to do twice but it gets boring! Omg. Running on the track and going round it is NOT my type of workout. The music rocks but the weather is HOT. I’m in Singapore… On the bloody equator!

Anyhow… I recently got obsessed with tumeric powder. I’ve known about their benefits and stuff but finally I’ve decided to add them to my food rather than to take pills. I am already chugging down load of pills:

-CLA (Muscle pharm)
-Multi vitamin with joint complex (Controlled Labs)
-Beta Alanine ( Dr’s Best)
-CoQ enzyme (Dr’s Best)
-Krill Oil ( Prograde)
-Cortisol and estrogen support (Estracort)

So here’s my tumeric chicken-

Chicken breast or thigh
Tumeric powder, generous 2 tablespoons)
Coriander blended into paste 1 tbsp
Spicy chilli flakes
1 tbsp coconut oil

Mix it all up, marinate for an hour and pan fry!

Love it! Goes well with rice or some steamed veg!

Btw I did have my cheat day and I tell u I literally stuffed myself with pizza, cookies, ice cream, risotto, cupcake, brownies, pop corn and chips! I think I chowed down about 5000kcals! But, it’s kinda like a reward thing and to reprogram the leptin levels that are essential for fat loss.

Ok, that’s all for now. I hope this PMS ends soon before the bad-black week of the month. Time to put on my black shorts! And sorry for being crude!


Time to chill out and go for a topless weekend spin…




Is it me or creatine?

Posted: April 12, 2012 in Gym, Nutrition
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Ok, so I have been on Creatine for about 3 days now. I am not sure if it is just me or it is the effects of creatine but I feel like I have a wee bit more strength. I also feel my abs getting hard from ab work the next day. It’s weird. I’m not sure if the effects can be ‘felt’ so quickly or if I am working out harder or getting stronger. Whatever it is, here’s my review on Beast Nutrition Creatine product:
– Tasty. Tastes like citus gatorade but not too tangy. Has a nice mild after taste which doesn’t feel acidic on my tongue or tummy
– Very mixable. Ice + water + 3 shakes = perfect
– I would say it’s affordable. I mean, how many creatine products actually taste this good?
– Does not make me bloat. I read that creatine makes a person bloat some times but with this, no bloating or discomfort. No hyperventilating too 😉 LOL

Overall : 9/10
Didn’t give a 10 because I felt that there were way too many ingredients which I cannot pronounce! Haha! It’s just hard to do research on every single thing try put in there you know?? But I mean, I don’t care. It’s creatine. Not a fat burner! I couldn’t die from it.

Am going for a full physical check tomorrow. A bit nervous… They are doing a 3D scan of my heart, lungs, liver, kidney and etc. Also detecting cancer cells and checking on my oxygen thinggie while running on the treadmill (omg…I haven’t ran on a treadmill in a while!) it’s 7am to 6pm. Geez… They going to open me up or something??? No doubt my ass will get probed but I’ve had stuff going up my ass before. Also got pap smear and all that crap. Long day…fasting tonight all the way till Friday evening. Oh my lord!!! I am so going to die of hunger. In fact, I might get so hungry that my stomach growls so hard it makes people think that there’s a tremor going on.

We’ll see. Hope my body is still in tip top shape at 28!