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Hi, so what are your thoughts about creatine? I am starting to consume some creatine. Not the full dose as stated on the label as I am a 123lb girl and I ain’t going to consume a 200lb man’s dose.

I do want to make some gains at the gym as I feel that my muscles are kinda ‘flat’. You know, typical Asian genes! It doesn’t mean that I don’t have strength, just that it’s lacking a bit of oomph! I’m not into supplements that much but IT think it could help. no harm trying! Gaining a bit of mass is what I want. No doubt that my body is fairly athletic, just wish I could have another 5lbs of muscle.

I am currently taking brand, BEAST and it tastes good. Citrusy and I drink half of it prior to workout, and the other half during and after my workout even though it says one scoop before and one scoop after workout. I’ve heard stuff about bloating and etc with regards to creatine but I haven’t experienced any bloat or what not. The only bloat I get is when I have PMS!