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Aches Breaky Back

Posted: April 20, 2012 in Fit Test, Gym, Recovery
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12 rounds WOD was 1 min 30 seconds of
3 sets of combined actions : dumb bell push up, rows, burpee up and press
5 sets of push ups on kettlebells, jump forward with leg straight and dip

OMG. My trainer said only me and another girl managed to stay one without dropping reps! (but she’s Asia’s top cross fitter…awesome!)

Then I progressed to attempting handstands. Omg I tell you it’s tough!!!! It ain’t just leaning on the wall. You need I tilt your pelvic, squeeze your ass and walking your feet up and down the wall ain’t easy! I did 5 sets, 4 sets, 3 sets, 2 sets and then finally 1 set with rest of 2 minutes in between each set. My shoulders and back were sore like F!!!!

After which I got tortured on the rotator cuffs. It supposedly improves the muscles required for a handstand. So I’ll work on that definitely!

So far so good. I won’t say I am bothered about my physique. I feel better mentally and physically and that’s what matters most. I eat well, sleep well and train hard. Leaning out is a goal but even if I don’t get to where I want to be, I think I am pretty awesome still.



Yes, I died at the gym all thanks to…my awesome buddy, whom I call my bro! Training has to be fun and that’s why I love The Pit. Every session is Challenging, Different and never once do we Stop moving.


Time for a dip in the pool!



WOD after rest

Posted: April 9, 2012 in Gym
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My idea of abs…


Yeah. Say hi to obliques.
My diet has been good so far. I had a mini ‘splurge’ day where I had my cravings settled…popcorn. Yes, OMG you may think but that’s exactly what I wanted in my mouth. Salty, slightly buttery and crunchy. So Saturday and Sunday nights were my popcorn nights! I also had a little bit more fat in my diet. Think peanut butter and avocados!

I won’t say I went overboard but I definitely had more than 5 spoonfuls of peanut butter at one go! Oh well, I worked hard for it.

I did a 10 min WOD on Saturday, hill run on Sunday and how can I forget Friday…Pilates! Yeah! A simple core workout that made me realize how important it is to have a strong core. I was one of the stronger student there so I had to adjust the weight on the reformer accordingly to suit my level. It was decent and fun! Felt my abs harden up the whole day. Then again, as we all know and very much like to deny this fact: Abs are made IN the kitchen. Not from 100 crunches or 200 knee lifts. Yeap, let’s face it. Running 30miles ain’t gonna give you abs. In fact, I reduced my cardio significantly and my bodyfat dipped a little. I think I was burning muscle when I do cardio, especially long distance running. Would be totally counter productive if I were to pump hard at the gym and ruin it by running 3-4 times a week. I can’t do walks for an hour to burn fat and not muscle, so it’s OUT! I rather do my 3 times a week 10-15 min HIIT and keep it short, real and sweet. In fact I do it as a warm up prior to lifting. Not long enough to burn me out but just enough to warm up my body.

Did a metabolic overdrive WOD today that includes :-
DB curls and press
One arm push ups on small stool
DB swings
Wood choppers
DB Pitcher side lunges

Started AND Finished with some decent ab work. Yes, I love working my abs before workouts too. Just reminds me to keep it tight and your abs would have been half worked and ‘awake’.

I hope everyone had a good weekend and Easter Sunday!

Life is looking good…

And remember, noone has ever drowned in sweat. So don’t stop unless you puke, faint or die!



So my bodyfat is down to 18.9%. I haven’t done the calipers but this provides the same result as the calipers.

Not much but still going!
Have a bit more muscle fibers along the side of my body as you can see. I also went for Pilates today and it was quite awesome. 100% core and very friendly instructor.

My trainings this week have been fruitful and very intense. I have yet to take my timing for 100 push ups, 100 inverted rows, 100 bodyweight squats, 100 full sit ups. My target is 10 minutes. We’ll see how it goes. The last time I did it was 15 minutes! Well partly because I did 40 reps x 2 and 20 reps x 1 for each exercise. So now I will do 10 reps for 10 sets all exercises!

Nutrition wise is good. I haven’t been that calculative but trying to watch what I eat and gauge the amount of carbs and protein. I definitely got enough protein but my carbs are always around slightly under par. I know it’s important to get enough carbs to sustain good workouts and fuel myself but I don’t know why I can’t seem to fit them in! So my strategy is to add a peanut butter and JELLY sandwich. I think the jelly helps! Lol! I think I should incorporate fruits as I usually have a cup or leas at night only. I should add some after my workout for my carb surge. Afterall my post workout only contains 10g of carbs I think!

I’m feeling awesome. I was a little bit poofy and it was because of my water retention during my PMS. The next 3 weeks will be fine…until its time again for the bloat! Yes, I bloat quite a bit! But it’s a cycle all women go through. I usually crave for sweets during that time and I always give in to it otherwise I’ll feel miserable. Then again, I try to make it up by pushing myself harder at the gym…or just have longer harder sex! Haha!

Whatever it is, don’t lose hope! Burning fat may take forever (like my case) but you know, 1% fat a month is still progress! In 6 months, I’ll pretty much balance out and come to a stand still. I won’t go too low cos I know being a normal woman it’s VERy Important to have certain levels of fat. I still love my desserts and wine 🙂

Now to get my bf into shape!!! He’s been sprinting with me over the weekends so it’s good! 10 x sprints of 100m is awesome! Keeping fit together is what every couple should do. He knows I’m the bunny so he totally gets pushed as he doesn’t want to run slower than me!

So today, my advice is:
RECOVERY is king.
Workouts are queen.

Recovery well with rest and proper nutrition and push yourself harder next week. Skip the marathons and long runs and do a variation of exercises to boost your metabolism. After all, your body can get immune to running, thus alot of joggers don’t actually burn fat after a period of time and you wonder why the lady that goes to the gym 5 times a week, runs for an hour, sweats like a pig but doesnt change in her physique. Change it up and see what it can do for you. 🙂

10 min AMRAP

Posted: April 3, 2012 in Fit Test, Gym
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Yes, had my training today and it was awesome. I don’t need a gym with fancy machines. Throw me a rope and a barbell…done! I believe in going animal.

I did 4 sets of:
3 x rope climb up and down
6 x Barbell presses
9 x hanging toe touches (toes to bar)

Then I did some wall handstand walk in and out (hopefully to progress to proper handstands without support)
Also practiced cleans. But… Before all that hardwork, I did AMRAP circuit… And I challenge you all to try it too.

So today I have a WOD for anyone who is reading this… The 10 minute AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible)
What you need : medicine ball

10 medicine ball slams -use both hands to lift the ball overhead and slam it on the floor so it bounces back up so u can grab it. Bounce it lightly and u have to bend down to pick up!

10 full burpees – do burpees, but go all the way down till chest touches the ground

Repeat those 2 exercises and finish as many rounds as possible. I did 11 rounds (and extra 10 ball slams. Unfortunately didn’t manage to finish 12)

Try it. It’s a good metcon workout. 🙂

Having my cottage cheese snack with Peanut butter and it’s awesome! It’s protein and fat all the way. No starchy carbs cos I’m done with my workouts!


HIIT and Cardio week

Posted: April 2, 2012 in Fit Test, Gym, Recipe
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Introducing my recipe for my coconut coated pork loin.


You need:
Pork loins/pork chops
Cajun spice (no sugar type)
Dried shredded coconut
Salt and pepper to taste
Some eggs (or left over yolks from breakfast) to coat

-Butterfly the loins so they are flat and thin.
-bash them up with the back of the knife to ‘loosen’ the meat.
-rub some eggs over it.
-combine Cajun spice, shredded coconut and salt + pepper on a plate.
-press the fillet onto the crumb mixture.
-heat a non stick pan up and put a teaspoon of oil just to coat pan.
-when it’s HOT (make sure it is hot so you can brown it nicely), press the fillet down for 10 seconds.
-cook it approx 5 minutes on each side or until golden brown and cooked fully.

Serve with steamed veggies such as Brussels sprouts, broccoli and carrots!

Delicious post workout meal.

I usually prefer to have my protein and carbs (Brussels sprouts and carrots are carby veggies) but with minimal fat.

Anyway, this week is cardio week. Yup. I take a break from weight training once every 6-7 weeks to give the body a little ‘shock’ treatment. I also believe in changing it up every now and then so it doesn’t go into auto pilot mode.

So, here is what I typically eat on a daily basis now:

Breakfast :
steel cut oats (1/4 cup uncooked)
2 egg white scramble
100g fat free yogurt

100g Cottage cheese with cracked pepper
1 cup plus peppers sliced (used it as a dip)

Baked button mushrooms with a can of tuna on top and fat free cheddar.

Handful of nuts
1 scoop protein shake (no carbs)
1 cup skim milk

Before workout:
Preworkout matrix

Post workout:
25g Protein + 10g carbs for the carb surge
Small fruit

4oz. Pork loin (as shown above)
A big bowl of carby veggies

IF I am still hungry:
1 scoop Slow digesting protein shake 1 hour before bed blended with skim milk or almond milk

That’s about 1600kcals or more.


Workout routine

Posted: March 30, 2012 in Fit Test, Gym, Nutrition
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Want a workout that will leave you like this? Yes… That’s me after god knows how many minutes.


Here goes :
30 reps each and don’t even think about cheating. One leg, one count. Not left and right = 2.
Rest if you need to but not more than 30 seconds.

30 bicycle abs
30 lunge back and forward kick up (right leg)
30 lunge back and forward kick up (left leg)
30 1 legged burpees (right leg)
30 1 legged burpees (left leg)
30 jumping pulls ups (or if you want, challenge yourself to inverted rows or normal pulls ups, but you might die)
30 jump squats (touch the floor and star jump up)
15 side plank lifts (right)
15 side plank lifts (left)

*If you have back problems and can’t do lifts, feel free to do 15 hanging knee raises instead, followed by 15 mountain climbers.

I always believe in starting and ending with an ab workout. Somehow by starting with an ab workout, your body tends to naturally keep it tight for all the other exercises cos it’s ‘woken’ up.

Try it!

Don’t forget to have equal portions of starch, carbs and protein for lunch and dinner 🙂

I can say my diet consists of 40/40/20 ratios of protein, carbs and fat. eat right, feel right and don’t worry about the carbs! Good carbs can benefit one and make sure they are in forms of steel cut oats, sweet potatoes, yam, veg, occasional skim milk, yogurt etc.

Overtraining and too much Cardio?

Posted: March 27, 2012 in Gym, Nutrition
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Actually maybe I should stop counting the days. Lol! Day 37, but really, I don’t are about the god damn days!

Yes, although my goal in 90 days is to get down to 17% bodyfat but you know, as long as I get there, I don’t care how many days it’s going to take me.

So here’s the thing…

Often people view losing weight, shedding fat, getting in shape as cardio, cardio and more cardio. But, bear in mind… Running an hour a day is probably going to make you look like a typical marathoner: skinny fat VS looking a sprinter who does HIIT sprints, circuits and training with weights. I guess it depends. Most women (in general) don’t mind the skinny fat look as it’s slimming right? Wear skin tight dresses and get to show off their skinny arms… And of course, I on the other hand prefer the more athletic look. The muscular definitions on the arms and legs kinda thing. So, choice of training affects the overall built. Over doing cardio will ruin my gains, but not doing enough will not get the fat off and I won’t be able to lose fat. I’ll just be piling on mass.

So, my solution is:
-HIIT on 3 off days (20 mins)
-or HIIT on every un-sore day (10 mins)
-3 sessions of LSD cardio (40 mins jog or equivalent)
-Weight trainings 3 days a week, separated into upper body chest, legs and arms + back.

My advice is, don’t train every part of your body in one session and them whack the gym again working out the part that you’ve worked. Think about it… Instead of doing 2 exercises each for the entire body and feeling totally drained and exhausted, why not do 4 exercises for your upper body on Monday, 4 exercises for your legs on Wednesday and 4 exercises for your back and arms on Friday…or whichever schedule works. This way, I can choose to work on HIIT on my day off without feeling wiped out. Plus, I didn’t train my legs on Friday, which means I can actually do my jog on my active rest day (Saturday) and feel good about it.

Muscles need to recover to grow. And if you for rest them, all those pumping at the gym would eventually go to waste. And I am not kidding!

Look at those people who go for the hour long butt busting kick boxing classes. Have any of them lost weight? Have a 6 pack? Have muscular forms? 4 out of 5 I can tell you have not changed physically, and even if they did, it was only for the first then they hit a stall. But they think they still burn calories so it’s fine! Well, it’s not. What’s the point if you stay the same? Are you even happy having a bodyfat % of 25-30%? I wouldn’t. I think women, if not for aesthetic reasons, should try to get to a 21% at least. It’s better for health. Men should be around 14-16%…in general. You don’t have to be super lean cos it’s hard to maintain over time and even I want to have my ice cream as snacks every now and then.

Instead of viewing it as a ‘weight loss’ to look good…always see it as a ‘road to living longer’.

My next post will be about low fat foods, proteins and carbs. Too much confusion out there about some people not being able to do well with carbs or having the need to be on low fat diets to lose weight etc…

All I can say it’s all BS 🙂 so be happy that you can have carbs and still lose weight.

And remember: A spoonful of cinnamon a day can help stabilize blood sugar levels and destroy cancer cells. Add them into your coffee latte, oatmeal, yogurt, pancake or to a simple blueberry whey shake!