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Day 34

Posted: March 24, 2012 in Gym, Recovery
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So this is me…
On a Saturday.

Working out at my own home and the new gym which equates to a massive clear out of old equipment and replacing it with some basic stuff. Gym boss timer is my essential.

Word hard and don’t give up!


Day 33

Posted: March 23, 2012 in Gym, Nutrition
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Yes! I woke up this AM and did a short 10-15min workout. Was just bodyweight stuff and was waiting for my shower to warm up. Ok, I was sore from last night and it didn’t set in until breakfast!
So this AM I started with my diet tweaking.
Post workout:
Steel cut oats (about 1 cup cooked)
3 tbsp of fat free yogurt
Almond milk + whey
1 egg white

Too full. Don’t know how guys can eat 6 egg whites in the AM and have 1 big bowl of oats and have like a shake plus some other what nots! Omg. Stuffed!

On to snack, 1 can tuna (onion tomato) and cottage cheese. All added up to about 1 full cup. Am gonna be full for a while!!!

Workout time!!! Took X-cite before workout and a post workout shake
Did upper body :
DB one arm rows-16kg
Reverse lunge curls -6kg
Underhand Lat pull downs – 80lbs
Pull ups – 5 x 3
Ground to squat jump ups – 20 nos
Bicep curls – 15kg

Abs!!!! Weighted this time.
As time goes by, I do want to add weights to my ab workouts. Long ago y bodybuilder friend told me its what makes a difference in building those abs. And I truly believe it. They popped out many years ago. Not just the typical flat ones.

After my post workout I had a MRP shake as I was rushing to send a friend off. But came home and got my dinner and veg all sorted out. Actually for the next few days!

Kudos for those who plan ahead…including me.

Day 25

Posted: March 15, 2012 in Fit Test, Gym, Nutrition
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So today was HIIT. Was sore but I decided to warm up and all will be OK.

AM: muesli with protein shake

Snack : peanut butter sandwich!

Pre workout booster and off to the gym!
Brought along my egg white+peppers+kidney bean+turkey bacon wrap!

I did 50/10 x 9 stations, 2 sets MMA style!!!
Cable one knee standing up crunch
Left and right
Alt. one legged push ups
DB crunch punch
Cyclone squats
-extra 60 second rest before pull ups-
Pull ups (oh geez I died doing this one!)
Plank march
Plank knee to elbow

Then I did some abs! Was a 1 hour session including stretching.

Had my lunch and zoomed home…

Snack : nuts, yogurt with maple syrup and whey crisp bar and a bit of sweet potato

Dinner : kinda skipped it cos I was snacking on my paleo brownie (made a new batch) and had my green drink and I was FULL to the max!!!

Will definitely have my recovery drink tonight. I am so sore! But feels good!

So…I have something here which is the power foods chart. I try to have these everyday 🙂 Go figure!


Day 18

Posted: March 9, 2012 in Gym, Nutrition
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Ok… Woke up with a shitass sore ass!!!
But never give up. Can always train my arms instead! In fact that’s what I’ll do!

AM: muesli with protein shake

Snack : nuts and pancakes

Lunch: wheat wrap with greens, chicken fillet, avocado and fat free cheese


Snack : dried fruit And some of my paleo brownies :)))


Today my workout was awesome. MMA style training using ropes, ropes and ropes! Skipped 4 times in between those. Also did sledge hammers on tyre and 20kg sandbag slams! Kinda like doing a real body slam…only lighter! Did a HIIT hill sprint at the end too! Awesome, but my arms are so bloody sore and my butt is sore from yesterday’s workout! It was lunges galore!

After workout: low fat latte

Dinner : pork patty with steamed veg

Snack before bed : Kashi Go Lean With trail mix!


Day 9

Posted: February 28, 2012 in Gym, Nutrition
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So today is day 9. I am sore. My triceps are screaming from yesterday.

Today I have training with bogey! Supposed to do my HIIT but I’m skipping it as my PT sessions are pretty intensive and I don’t want to over work myself. I will also be taking my fat percentage. Hopefully it didn’t go up! I’m hoping maybe 1% would have came off by now. It’s always harder to lose fat ESP when you’re in the 18-20% range. It’s like a plateau thinggie. The last time I was at 14%, I swear, I had a hard time! And I was only 24 back then. Now I am 28. And my back is restricting the exercises and the work load i can do.

Anyhow, woke up at 10am again!

AM : muesli with protein shake

Snack : trail mix and banana

Lunch : pancakes with yogurt and maple syrup! Love it!!!

Workout time!!!

Did alot of legs and presses!
Also did roman ring flips and pistol squats! Did a bit of club bell work too…


Post workout : chicken and mix veg stir fry. Skipped the protein shake.

Late night snack : protein shake with milk

Day 4

Posted: February 23, 2012 in Gym, Nutrition
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So, I think I need to get a tan. It’s been raining everyday and I’m turning into a vampire soon with all the dark clouds and weird weather.

So day 4. Sore like hell in my butt due to the tyre flips I did 2 days ago. But it ain’t bad at all. Considering my 9 month lay off from heavy stuff.

So today is kinda like the ‘free day’, meaning no weights.

I’m going to do a circuit workout and I’m going to be a little insane on this…

But let’s talk about my food.

AM : warm oatmeal + skim milk with cinnamon and whey isolate shake (no carbs)

Speaking of whey, I know many people want the best tasting whey, but the last thing I want going INTO my already ‘unhealthy’ body is artificial sweeteners. I’ve nothing against them and I know alot of reputable brands are selling well bcos of their funky flavors and etc, but sorry… I only stick to one brand and that is Prograde or Athlean. I think health is important…in the LONG run. Those artificial crap is going to take a toll on our bodies sooner or later…and trust me, it’s better to go natural.

AM HIIT sprints run/walk 100m x10 rounds

->;;>;; omega greens + amino chews

Snack : 3 palm sized pumpkin pancakes (pumpkin again) LOL!

Lunch : sardines❤, quinoa, HOT salsa and salad greens

Snack : my trail mix (I created one using almonds, walnuts, organic dried apple chips, cranberries. Would love Brazil nuts but they were sold out!)

Workout >;;;>;;;>;;;>;;;>;;;>;;;>;;;>;;;>;;;>;;;
So here I am… Killing myself with this circuit. I would rate myself as above average though and I want to perform it at 80-90% intensity by planning and choosing the right routine.

And after 1 hour….


Dinner : protein shake + beef patty + stir fried veg

Last meal : 3 pumpkin pancakes!!! 😉