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Day 8

Posted: February 27, 2012 in Gym, Nutrition
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Good morning. As you know I write this post throughout the day as I have my breakfast-dinner and I update it every now and then before publishing. It’s easy! iPhone rocks my socks!

So I am feeling good…

AM : muesli with milk and whey. Literally add the muesli INtO my whey shake!

Workout :
Quad hops 20 x 3 rounds to warm up
Push ups with feet raised
DB chest press (single arm)
Lateral raises
Standing DB row and Triceps kick backs
Triceps using bench
ABs routine

Was a short and good workout. I don’t hate long workouts but I prefer to focus on technique and be able to perform when I am still pumped rather than going through a 1 hour workout and feeling totally drained, leading to bad technique and strains.

Post workout Aka lunch: generous portion of pumpkin pancakes with yogurt and maple syrup. Feels like brunch! Oh I had my oximega greens and my pills…

I feel my body screaming for carbs literally!!! Don’t know why, but I think it’s the intensity that affects my nutritional needs.

Thank god I’ve never been a bad eater to begin with. I love my sugar and sweets but I am a baker so I don’t really have a choice! Taking them out from my diet wasn’t hard. I’m not on a low carb diet so I don’t tend to ‘crash’ like most dieters. I’ve been on Atkins and it was great, but the whole idea of restricting carbs just isn’t for me as I workout too often and need my carbs!

Lunch : A fish fillet and some watercress!

Snack : nutsssss

Tacfit Session

Dinner : chicken an mix veg stir fry

Late night : blueberry protein shake

Btw I do highly encourage people to consume krill oil. There’s many articles out there on why it’s good and you should look it up.


Day 5

Posted: February 24, 2012 in Gym, Nutrition
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Ok, day 5 and feeling bloody. I hate it!
Not a fan for being a woman but oh we’ll, at least I don’t have to deal with having a ding ding and 2 nuts hanging loose.

So, today is all about biceps and back…oh and abs. Double B day!
I am not a fan of abs though I generally go through ab workouts easily. I think diet plays a key role in giving a person abs. Well, not GIViNG but u get it…

Here goes…
AM : no breakfast due to the bloat. But i Chowed down a couple of pumpkin pancakes just for energy and didnt want my metabolism to slump. Can’t beat it! I hate periods.

Workout: pull downs, pull ups, lunge back curls, rows, abs, wall stand push ups and it’s only 45 mins hardcore!

Post workout : protein shake + cocoa + Sunrider NuPlus drink and nuts

Lunch : roast beef, spicy avocado, fat free cheese and salad greens sandwich.

Snack : yummy!!!>;;>;; yogurt + coconut oil and maple syrup with some nuts and dried crispy apples (organic, no sugar or preservatives)

Dinner : hard boiled eggs + quinoa + peppers + salad greens. Spiced up with chili

Snack : skim milk + protein half scoop and blueberries

Tomorrow, it will be either AMRAP or AFAP WOD. I might go to The Pit instead of the gym that’s 5 min away from my house. Or i might just use the gym at home… Only problem is my bf leaves his weights everywhere and i might die while walking around in the room, LoL! It depends on the soreness. If I am sore, it will be recovery then Sunday, I will work it.

It’s almost a week! I can already see abit of changes in my body (used to have a semi flat tummy but now theres a little bit of ab formation) and strength. My ring cradles are getting better and I need to practice my vertical pose WITHOUT falling back and doing a flip!

Day 3

Posted: February 22, 2012 in Gym, Nutrition, Uncategorized
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Woke up late again so here is my lunch for PM : whey + skim milk + yogurt + sunrider’s NuPlus.

– always believe in kicking start the metabolism by having a protein shake in the morning…well, not exactly morning!

Going for my workout now in about an hour or so…greens for the WIN


Workout :

•Squats, semi heavy (I try to avoid doing ok heavy as I am post-surgery for less than a year and the last thing I want to do is to F*** my back up again)
•One sided lunge (really effective on working my limbs all round)
•One leg back and bent over (back slightly arched for support)
•One handed DB swing

•Intensive AB routine… 30 seconds of 6 movements including russian V twists!!! I hate those!!!!!!

• wall stand push ups *getting better*

Amino chews to the rescue…

Feel free to ask me what exercises they are. I’ll be more than willing to share
🙂 I don’t list them out in full cos I’m too lazy!

Post workout : 2 hard boiled eggs and acai banana berry juice drink

Snack : nuts + cranberries + yogurt topped with maple syrup and cinnamon + pinched some of my mum’s slow roasted pork

Dinner : quinoa with hot spice + lean beef patty + hard boiled egg white + some Chinese black fungus stir fry with angle gourd on the side as veg.
Yes, we Asians eat the weirdest shit I know! But whatever! It’s good for me.

Late Snack : skim milk + blueberries


Eventful day. Looking forward to tomorrow’s ZWOW and Sprints!

Day 2

Posted: February 21, 2012 in Gym, Nutrition
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Well, day 2 is looking good. I feel TIgHT! Well, I do! When I woke up this morning, my legs and abs definitely felt worked out! It’s amazing how little changes in my workout routine can improve my overall fitness and appearance.

So, I am starting to down alot more H2O. I think it’s one thing that I don’t drink alot on a daily basis. Now it’s incorporated into my diet! At last! Geez, wasn’t hard to begin with!

So here’s my diet for today:
Woke up too late so I might miss a meal today.

AM: yogurt+skim milk+ frozen blueberries+whey shake

Lunch: 2 hard boiled eggs on brown rice toast with fat free cheese and spinach leaves (I used olive oil infused with lemon and herb dressing with some crackle of salt)


Snack: peanut butter + brown rice toast

Post workout: protein shake

Dinner: Chicken + veg + quinoa (very underused grain that’s full of amino)

Snack: yogurt with frozen berries


Being a pastry chef is hard! I have to say “sorry, no thanks!” to my lovely pastries… Especially my favorite burnt salted caramel cupcake with a macaron shell.


And remember… If I want triceps, the biceps has to stop. Biceps are only for aesthetic purposes, no…I am serious… To be stronger, triceps are king.

Workout today:

A real challenge as always as I have my faithful trainer at The Pit to kick my ass once a week….



Day 1

Posted: February 20, 2012 in Gym, Nutrition
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23.5% Bodyfat

So here I am… Blogging about my journey to gettin a little bit fitter and leaner. I’m not hard core so I would like to reduce my body fat to 17% FIRST. I wouldn’t say I have a time frame, but I think 2 months? Let’s see! Just ordered my pre, post and recovery shakes so for now, I make do with whatever I have. It’s the same, but I just wanted to add more stuff into my routine like creatine and BCAAs. I do take amino chews before and after my workouts which are really yummy!

It’s been a long time. My back surgery has put me off for approx 1 year of physical activity due to the relapse some time during the 7th month. Prior to that, I couldn’t workout hard as my back was constantly giving me problems. So here goes!

For those who read this blog, I hope you’ll support me in whatever I do and if you want to embark on the same journey, what are you waiting for?

Here’s a rough outline… Remember, I am not a qualified trainer or professional lifter. What I do are within my limits and do practice correct technique and posture. If unsure, ask a professional trainer. AND stretch (dynamic / static) wisely before and after workouts and don’t forget to do your FOAM ROLL.

Warm up: 3 sets
One leg front and back squats
Plank walks

Workout: 3 sets
1 arm chest press L&R
DB rotate press ups
DB L lift
Wood chopper L&R
One arm push ups (raised)
Leg lift crunch, pull ups

Abs: Till failure… About 15 for me.
Side twist with 6kg
Figure 8

Finish off with semi-handstand push ups 3 x 3 sets, just for fun!

Ok, onto the foods

AM: Bowl of Oat Mix (gluten free) with 1/2 cup yogurt, 1/2 cup milk and scoop of protein.

Post workout: Sunrider NuPlus (high fiber w carbs and very nutritious) + whey + egg white

Snack: peanut butter + brown rice toast

TACFIT: 20 min session – conditioning

Dinner: Stir fry chicken breast + veg (Brussel sprouts, peppers, shrooms, pine nuts)

Snack: milk + fruit

Do note that I am not counting calories here or limiting portions. I eat what I need to fill me up and fuel my muscles. Coconut oil and olive oil are my main sources of fat in this diet and no issues to have rice or wheat toast as carbs.
Carbs are not enemies. You need them.