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Aches Breaky Back

Posted: April 20, 2012 in Fit Test, Gym, Recovery
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12 rounds WOD was 1 min 30 seconds of
3 sets of combined actions : dumb bell push up, rows, burpee up and press
5 sets of push ups on kettlebells, jump forward with leg straight and dip

OMG. My trainer said only me and another girl managed to stay one without dropping reps! (but she’s Asia’s top cross fitter…awesome!)

Then I progressed to attempting handstands. Omg I tell you it’s tough!!!! It ain’t just leaning on the wall. You need I tilt your pelvic, squeeze your ass and walking your feet up and down the wall ain’t easy! I did 5 sets, 4 sets, 3 sets, 2 sets and then finally 1 set with rest of 2 minutes in between each set. My shoulders and back were sore like F!!!!

After which I got tortured on the rotator cuffs. It supposedly improves the muscles required for a handstand. So I’ll work on that definitely!

So far so good. I won’t say I am bothered about my physique. I feel better mentally and physically and that’s what matters most. I eat well, sleep well and train hard. Leaning out is a goal but even if I don’t get to where I want to be, I think I am pretty awesome still.



Yes, I died at the gym all thanks to…my awesome buddy, whom I call my bro! Training has to be fun and that’s why I love The Pit. Every session is Challenging, Different and never once do we Stop moving.


Time for a dip in the pool!



Day 34

Posted: March 24, 2012 in Gym, Recovery
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So this is me…
On a Saturday.

Working out at my own home and the new gym which equates to a massive clear out of old equipment and replacing it with some basic stuff. Gym boss timer is my essential.

Word hard and don’t give up!

Day 29

Posted: March 19, 2012 in Fit Test, Gym, Nutrition
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Good morning. Today, I feel a little bit sore from the run I did yesterday. Kinda weak! Only did less than an hour on the hilly road and my body is waving the white flag.

So today I did the fit test!
50/10 , AMRAP
Squat jumps -30
Push ups -30
Burpees – 20
High knees – 55
Split lunged – 38
Tuck jumps -19
Dips – 19
Straight abs – 22
I was beat! But that was my warm up. Yes, now at week 5, my warm ups are 15 minutes and I told myself to squeeze in some quick bodyweight interval cardio before I do my weights

I did upper body today, 3 sets all
Spiderman crawls
Alt dumb bell chest press
L raises
DB rotational curl and press
Wood choppers

5 mins plus worth of… Guess what?

Feeling awesome.
Diet so far so good. I ate a bit more calories on the weekend cos its kinda like a cheat meal thinggie. Air popped pop corn was the ultimate indulgence! Might have eaten too much but all worth it! I am not feeling like I am gaining fat so I think my diet is pretty much settled and I’ve learned how to space the meals out and to have the right ratios for each meal.

Basically (from highest to lowest amounts present in the meal)

AM : Carbs-protein (oatmeal and protein shake)

Snack : Carbs-fat-protein (peanut butter sandwich)

Lunch : protein-carbs-fat (wheat wrap with meat and greens + nuts)

Snack :
Carbs-fat-protein (training days : peanut butter sandwich or banana and trail mix)
Protein-carbs-fat (non-training days : cottage cheese/yogurt + fruit and nuts)

Dinner : Carbs, protein, fat (divide the plate into 3, one portion protein, one portion leafy greens and one portion starchy carbs. Fat is the oil used to cook the food and from the animal protein)

Snack before bed time : Protein-carbs
Recovery shake with skin milk
Skim milk / cottage cheese and 1 fruit
My Paleo Brownie! Heh! 😉

So there’s my guideline for a good diet.
Of course, don’t expect to lose fat if you don’t attempt to workout. This keeps me in maintenance stage but if I want to lose another 2% of fat, I need to UP the workout. I haven’t been engaging in too much cardio but now at week 5, I am ready to slowly insert cardio 4 times a week or 5 if I can. It can be swimming 20 laps, slow jogging or just 20 mins of HIITs. Hopefully i can do it 6 hours before or after lifting, but if I can’t then it would have to be before my lifts as it will act as a warm up. Cardio doesn’t mean 1 hour! 15-20 mins a day makes a difference 🙂

Day 23

Posted: March 13, 2012 in Gym, Nutrition
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Morning people! Woke up really early today and managed to have my breakfast at 8am! Yes! I made it!

AM: had protein shake with muesli and a bit of Kashi’s Go Lean for the extra crunch! I had it with almond milk. Kinda want to ‘save’ the milk for later in the day!

Preparing my meals now and I have a maple-nut butter sandwich which I love! Excellent choice for snacking on. Like I said, calories, fat, carbs…not my concern. As long as they are from good sources. I’ve got this organic bread and it’s meant for diabetics. Meaning no sugar and it has all the good stuff! From Alvarado St. Bakery. They should have it in the frozen foods section. 🙂

The key to controlling my sweet tooth is by adding a little bit of sweet elements in my snacks, be it a paleo brownie or a sandwich with maple syrup. It just takes away the urge! Applesauce is great too! Goes well with my gluten free pancakes I must say! I do try to balance out my carbs and proteins and make sure that protein is present in each meal. Cottage cheese is awesome, though I’m not eating the fat free ones! Too much fat free stuff scares me.


Time to squeeze a morning workout in and today is a 300 rep challenge and some core. Might leave the core work before TACFIT this evening. WOD!!!! FTW!!!


PM : Asian dishes that my mum cooked! Fish pan fried with salt, some pork with preserved veg and some long beans with rice

Snack : maple-peanut butter sandwich and yogurt

Pre workout : trail mix

TACFIT today was hard! But trying to get the groove on before Scott Sonnon comes to Singapore. We did the ring flips, 20kg sandbag squats, wall balls, ape walk. 4 minutes each station with 1 minute rest in between. Oh… My… God.

4 minutes of workout non stop is really no joke!!! Doing flips and squats non stop was a killer! So was the ape walk! The wall ball throws we’re manageable. I think my upper body is definitely stronger than my lower body

Post workout : protein and meal shake

Dinner : mustard chicken fillet with stri fried broccoli, carrots, peas, corn and shrooms.

I’m beat! Back hurts.
Rest tmr! Meeting up with Tricia and probably hitting the beach for a tan if weather permits 😉

Day 8

Posted: February 27, 2012 in Gym, Nutrition
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Good morning. As you know I write this post throughout the day as I have my breakfast-dinner and I update it every now and then before publishing. It’s easy! iPhone rocks my socks!

So I am feeling good…

AM : muesli with milk and whey. Literally add the muesli INtO my whey shake!

Workout :
Quad hops 20 x 3 rounds to warm up
Push ups with feet raised
DB chest press (single arm)
Lateral raises
Standing DB row and Triceps kick backs
Triceps using bench
ABs routine

Was a short and good workout. I don’t hate long workouts but I prefer to focus on technique and be able to perform when I am still pumped rather than going through a 1 hour workout and feeling totally drained, leading to bad technique and strains.

Post workout Aka lunch: generous portion of pumpkin pancakes with yogurt and maple syrup. Feels like brunch! Oh I had my oximega greens and my pills…

I feel my body screaming for carbs literally!!! Don’t know why, but I think it’s the intensity that affects my nutritional needs.

Thank god I’ve never been a bad eater to begin with. I love my sugar and sweets but I am a baker so I don’t really have a choice! Taking them out from my diet wasn’t hard. I’m not on a low carb diet so I don’t tend to ‘crash’ like most dieters. I’ve been on Atkins and it was great, but the whole idea of restricting carbs just isn’t for me as I workout too often and need my carbs!

Lunch : A fish fillet and some watercress!

Snack : nutsssss

Tacfit Session

Dinner : chicken an mix veg stir fry

Late night : blueberry protein shake

Btw I do highly encourage people to consume krill oil. There’s many articles out there on why it’s good and you should look it up.

Day 6

Posted: February 25, 2012 in Gym, Nutrition
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So it’s day 6.

Woke up sore. My god. I don’t even know from what!
TIP #1 for today…
So first thing I do in the morning is to drink a glass of water. I see it as a ‘flush’ and as a hydration method for my spine. Our spines are most dehydrated when we wake up. Therefore I hate to rush out of bed. Particularly feel it stiffer after my surgery. But it’s getting better…I hope! Now that I’m flipping a 100kg tyre, I theres anything wrong with my spine it would have been felt!

I’m still waiting for the day to return back to muay thai or boxing. I know I’m not ready yet. Physiological reasons… Or what my doctor says, “neuro fear.” LMAO! can’t believe such terms existed.

Anyway, so I think my workout for today is 50/10 x 4 rounds

-one hand inverted push ups
-Box jumps
-handstand push ups
-kettle bell one arm rows
-lunge, sandbag lift from right bottom to left up and stand, vice versa

Rest…. Then on with the ….


Ok, I haven’t been able to fit in 6 meals cos I wake up too late! But I definitely have enough calories.
Late AM : pumpkin pancakes. And nuts…Addicted!!!!

Lunch : peanut butter on brown rice toast with yogurt and maple syrup.
I usually prefer not to eat a full lunch and then workout. I have slow digestion and need about 2 hours to completed feel OK. So I loaded up on carbs and fat.

Post workout: Latte + tempeh

Dinner : egg white turkey wheat wrap

Late snack : grapefruit

So this is my end product after 2 days of cranking…
It’s a wedding cake for my friend’s friend and I have yet to put the flowers on… But thank god it’s almost done!